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The Everglades – Loop Road

Recent trip to Everglades National Park, traveling along Loop Road, ending at Sweetwater Slough. The most amazing thing about this place is the complete silence, except for the sounds of nature. There is no road noise, just quiet, peace and beauty.

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WOW! My latest client is truly an inspiration. She is beautiful, smart, and one of the sweetest people I’ve met. She set out to get fit last summer and what an amazing transformation. Here are the most recent images we created of her (30 pounds healthfully lost over the last 3 months) and her three adorable fur babies. Please leave some comments for her – she has been working so hard and looks fabulous!

Kristin and Phil

Kressa and Justin



Kala and Keith

Kay and Carlos

Amie and Nick


Parents-to-Be with Twins!

One of the sweetest couples I know was recently blessed with twins. Here are a few of the images from their Beautiful Belly shoot a few months ago. She is absolutely glowing! So beautiful!

Family Photo Funday

This family found me through a United Way silent auction to which I donated a session last fall. They came to their outdoor session in Heritage Park with tons of creative ideas, energy and a knack for getting into perfect portrait formations on demand. They played baseball, tossed around a football, climbed a tree, and even caught some bass during our session. We all had a great time and I even overheard one of the kids say “This isn’t like the last time we had family pictures…this is fun!” I concur! This was one of my favorite sessions. =) Enjoy!

A new beginning

This adorable couple held their ceremony in the most appropriate place – the new home they were building together. They kept it very intimate, only immediate family and closest friends attended. They sought me out as a photographer (even though I normally don’t do weddings) because of my unique journalistic style. They asked me to just follow them around and spare them from the typical wedding poses. They wanted to capture the construction of their new home as a visual representation of the “work in progress” that is marriage. Their shoot was a new challenge for me – every movement sent a cloud of dust into the air – so I had to be especially creative with lighting. Our work paid off though, I love how elegant they are against the anything-but-elegant backdrop of the construction site. Enjoy!

Marissa, Part II

Remember Marissa?  Here is the rest of the images from her shoot, finally!  I will get caught up with blogging, I will, I WILL!




Boudoir photography

Boudoir photography

Boudoir photography
Double take boudoir photography
Blissful boudoir photography
Sexy legs boudoir photography
Beautiful bust boudoir photography
Full-length boudoir photography

Boudoir photography

In honor of Super Bowl 2011

Here’s a little football-inspired boudoir photography for you. I know this jersey won’t be seen in Super Bowl 2011. It’s the Steelers vs. the Packers (Be proud – I went to all the trouble of looking it up!)  By the way, does anyone know which team this jersey comes from? At first, I thought it was the Huskers, but then I noticed the NFL emblem.  Do college teams wear NFL apparel? Obviously I am showing my total ignorance of football and should stick to what I know.  Football trivia aside, we can’t hold being a Huskers’ (or whomever’s) fan against Marissa – she absolutely rocks the jersey!

Football-inspired boudoir photography close-up
Football-inspired boudoir photography

Ho Ho Hottie

Jennifer, a friend and teacher of mine, shyly asked for a boudoir photography shoot a couple of months back. Like most clients requesting boudoir shoots, she was really nervous. The images were going to be a Christmas gift for her husband (lucky guy!). We had our initial consultation and she was still unsure about her wardrobe. I gave her some tips and inspiration struck! A few days later, she was gushing about the perfect outfits she found at Victoria’s Secret. She was absolutely right  – the outfits were perfect!  She had found a theme and embraced it. Jennifer’s Christmas shoot was so much fun, my favorite to date. 

Jennifer, thank you for being so open to trying new things and bringing so much laughter to this shoot!


These six little bells really got things shakin’!

Jingle those bells! Isn’t she just the cutest little elf? So much fun!


These boots were a special splurge for Jennifer and they look simply fabulous with her Santa suit!

For you!

All that laughter is exhausting. Time to relax and unwind.

Jennifer is a yoga instructor, and a wonderful one at that! This image was her idea and holds a special meaning for her. To all our fellow yogis out there – Namaste.